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A full psychic reading with me includes your Vedic Astrology Chart which is truly special and amazingly accurate and the Tarot to confirm the hits I am getting from Spirit.  

*If this is your first reading with me then I suggest a one hour reading which is excellent for going deep into your spiritual being and exploring issues from the past that may be blocking you today.  It gives me the time to really see your whole being and all it's hopes, dreams, desires and fears and most important . . . your purpose for being here. 

R a t e s

Phone Readings

30 min $100
60 min*
To order a phone reading, please click on the amount of time you would like to purchase, then, please email me your date, time and place of birth and your phone number. I will call you to save you long distance charges.

I am located in Burbank and if you would like a reading in person my fee is $200 and the reading lasts about 90 minutes.   If you would like me to come to you I my fee is $250.


A guided journey is a powerful experience into the depth of your consciousness.  We begin by asking a question to the universal mind and then I guide you deep into your heart where you will receive an amazing vision, a journey that literally unfolds with each step like a movie playing in your mind's eye.  I write the entire journey as you describe it to me and then I interpret the symbols and the answer to your question is revealed.  This is the Goddess within.

A reading and guided meditation which requires 2 to 3 hours is $300.


I teach about the Goddess energy which I see as our sexual creative power as well as our intuitive magical self.  A Goddess Gathering is  for women only.  I do a psychic reading for each Goddess and then a group guided meditation.  We ask a question and then I guide you on a short journey.  You then write down your journey and I interpret the symbols and you find a wonderful message.    It is a wonderful way to spend an evening or afternoon full of delightful insights, laughter and inspiration!  Let me help you and your friends awaken the Goddess within!  The cost is only $30 per Goddess!  THE HOSTESS GETS A FREE 30 MINUTE PRIVATE READING!

Below is feedback from a couple of my Goddess Gatherings!

Beatrice is an extraordinarily gifted and incredibly accurate seer.  She's also wickedly funny and a delightful storyteller. Karen, Topanga Healing Center/Metaphysical Happy Hour

Beatrice is an extremely entertaining psychic who is not to be missed. Witness for yourself a wonderful demonstration that there is more to this world than our eyes can see. Gift yourself with loving guidance, magical moments, on the mark insights and food for thought. Experience Beatrice's entertaining stories, her positive outlook, her way of seeing magic working in our daily lives and her uncanny, sometimes tearful and often hilarious stories.
39th Birthday celebration

Our evening with Bea was wonderful. You couldn't find a more fun or soulful way to spend an evening with your women friends.
Women's Book Club



    A full reading with me includes your Vedic Birth Chart, The Tarot and my Channeling of Spirit Guides. I am a spiritual guide and getting a reading at least once a month really proves to you that spirit is always watching over you and aware of all your thoughts, feelings, challenges and accomplishments. Together Merlin and I will inspire you and empower you to go for the best you can be and create a GREAT LIFE! I am extremely quick and I can tell you a lot in fifteen minutes so I am giving you options to make it affordable for anyone who needs a little guidance and a lot of inspiration.



Beatrice Marot 2006

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