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I work with many spirit guides however my main guide is Merlin.  I have had many other psychics see him standing to my right which is where I feel his presence.  I had one psychic almost faint when she saw him and he said to her.  “I have been channeling through Beatrice for lifetimes.  I have been following her for centuries like a dog.”  Merlin is quite a character and he has a great sense of humor.  

Merlin’s mission in Hollywood is to bring enlightening entertainment, magical musicals and spiritual comedy to the big screen. I would say my favorite story that to me proves beyond a doubt that Merlin is real is when I was telling this beautiful English actress Kelly Brook about Merlin.  I told Kelly how Merlin has a thing for “Romans” or Italian Mobsters from New York.  

That evening, Kelly went to Ago Restaurant which is owned by Robert De Niro.  She called me in the middle of dinner and said in her lovely English accent, "Beatrice, you're not going to believe this but we ended up having dinner with these mobsters from New York and one of them is a film producer and he's filming a movie in Cornwall, England . . . so I asked him, "What are you doing filming a movie in Cornwall, England when you're from Brooklyn, New York and he said "We're doin' a movie about Merlin!!"

If you care to read more about Merlin and other fun stories of my adventures in Hollywood, please click the link goddesscentral.





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