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Donald Beatrice is great. What she told me took sometime to sink in. However, she was right and I feel relieved. Bea is a true friend!!! I am glad that she is in my life.
Lisa Thank you for reading me, you left me with such a good, strong, positive feeling inside me. I can't describe it. I feel that we are alike in some ways both strong, positive people who take care of others in some way. You are awesome!!!.... and truly gifted.
Donald Beatrice is great.  What she told me took sometime to sink in.  However, she was right and I feel relieved.  Bea is a true friend!!! I am glad that she is in my life.
~golden voice Beatrice is the best psychic and healer I have ever come into contact with. She was able to make me feel 100% better after a reading with her. I went from unclear and confused to confident, and focused. I highly recommend her to anyone. She is an angel sent from above to help all of us on earth. She is so gifted, a very kind and beautiful person.
"Thanks for the call today. I really feel that my life is getting better and better ever since you have been counseling me. Today I have a clearer path of what I want to do with my life and I am doing it. I have you to thank for that."
golden voice B., I just wanted to let you know what a tremendous 180 you did for me. You have no idea how much pain I was in. I was panicked and felt so confused. You really helped me feel soooo much better. The last couple days have been much better for me because of the reading we did. You totally are so gifted. I'd refer you anyone who needs a healer to read with you.
Chrissie I just had a wonderful reading with Bea. It has been a while since I've spoken to her but she still seems to amaze me. She is always friendly and so accurate. I could talk to her for hours. I always feel better when I hang up. Call her she's great. :)
Bea's keen insight was indeed enhanced by her warm and loving nature which immediately gave me a feeling of peace the moment she began speaking. Her conversation and intuitive talents were thoroughly appreciated and are recommended!


 I often sign off after a great reading to clear my thoughts and take in such great advice. Your reading was absolutely the truth. You spoke about my guy very clearly... your reading was exact. Thank You for talking me through this. I needed this and your good (excellent) at your talent. Lots and Lots of STARS******


 Thank you! AWESOME READING!!! 

Heather Jane

 Once again, a call to Beatrice Marot has opened up possibilities for me that I just hadn't realized were there. Not only is she a very clear reader, Beatrice has that gift of compassion, which when put together with her talent as a seer, ends up giving not just the gift of insight and clarity, but of actual healing. She has helped me shift when I felt stuck, through a relationship's ups and downs, and in the end always guides me to what is real in myself, so that I can see myself more clearly. whether in a relationship, or out. Thank you so much for your help Beatrice. And thank you more for your healing. 


 Bea is always wonderful and enlightening. Thank you 


 Thank you for the reading. You are very easy to talk with. I will call again. 


 She seems very confident in her consult...I hope she is right...time will tell...Thanks for being there. 

Mister Jedi

 Thanks Bea and Merlin, I see you two as friends as well as spiritual advisors. It is nice to chat with people that are both. I am definitely more confident about my life now than I was years ago. 


 Absolutely fabulous! I thought she was kind and very descriptive! Thanks so much! 


 Love your honest advice. 


 She has this wonderful way about her that puts everything into perspective and allowed me to clam down. Love her ability to say it as it truly is. 


Thanks Bea! You are a terrific reader and thank you for reading for me today. You're so easy to talk to. I'll speak to you soon.  


 Beatrice is an amazing psychic! She is extremely accurate and incredibly empowering. I definitely recommend a reading


 Always truthful and no fluff, tells you how it is even if its not what you want to hear. She has always been right even when others were not


 Thank you...sorry we got cut off... I appreciate you doing my birth chart. I was amazed by the amount of accuracy you had telling me about my past. I also appreciate your encouragement for the future. I'll be in touch again with an update and thanks so very much for your caring and patience.  


 What can I say??? Beatrice is an expert reader whom I find loving, caring and very sensitive to her client's needs. She has only ever been very accurate in her readings for me while continuing to be very loving and nurturing at the same time. Please give her a call....it will be well worth the effort!!!  Bea is ALWAYS in tune with every situation, especially career in my case. Bea, you helped me immensely during a difficult challenge and helped strengthen me to meet the challenge head-on. Thanks again!! Thanks too to Merlin! 


 I love talking with you. You are always upfront, honest, and caring. Much love to you. A. 


 Thank you Beatrice for the incredible advice! I loved my reading with you!! Great to hear some feedback on my situation. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. 


 Thank you so much for your reading:) was correct with what she said 


Very comforting and accurate. Many thanks Beatrice..  


 She came highly recommended and after talking w/ her I can see why. She was very quick to pick up my situation...


 Sharp, accurate - definitely reads the energy well and is too the point!! Very much appreciate the kind words and support too in a time where I could use it. Thanks & much love... :) 



Mister Jedi

 thanks for listening. It is great that to talk to you about these things I experience. My day just got a whole lot better.


 This was my first call to Beatrice and she was very friendly, very honest, and provided me with information that i did need to know.. I will definitely be calling back !!! 


 Thank you so much for the awesome reading!! I am really excited and cannot wait for all the wonderful things to happen!! You truly made my day/night!! Thanks again!! Rated A+A+A+ 


 Thanks so much for all your help. You are great!  


 Beatrice is an amazing woman and an incredible psychic. Her kindness, compassion, and stunning accuracy deserve a million stars. I would definitely recommend a reading! 


 One of the best! Keep at it! :)


 Beatrice is very special. Besides being positive, uplifting and really funny, Beatrice knew things about me and my gifts that very few psychics picked up on. She's real accurate about my situations, honest but with compassion. Beatrice is one of the best and deserves 5 stars plus!!!! Call her!!!! 

Journey Guide

 Excellent reading. In tune with situation and helpful information.  


 Very good at picking up on my emotions. Will see if a man from good will come to my life. 





Crystal Blue Water

 Beatrice Is both professional and friendly!!!!!! Thanks for a great reading!!!!!!! I will call again!!!!! 


 She was very friendly and honest. Thank you for your kind words and good advice.  


 Thanks so much! Really on target and Beatrice and Merlin's reassurance and guidance helped me find my way


 Bea is always in the groove and can quickly assess whatever it is that you are going through. She also can help shed light on any given situation to help you see the spiritual meaning behind what is going on in the physical, which is always insightful and great for self growth. Always A++ 


 excellent reader thank-you 


 Thanks Beatrice. You are very gifted. I will call you again. Thanks. 

saponi poet

 Thanks so much. It was a pleasure talking with Beatrice. 


 Wow! Bea that was an awesome reading. Thank you and Merlin so much for the insight. You both totally confirmed everything that I have been feeling. Thanks for always being there when I need insight, support and/or a shoulder. Talk to ya soon


 B Dear: I love how you have answers that help to guide one in the right direction. You told me months ago that I would have this current job for as long as I wanted, and that is exactly what happen. Now I'm ready to move on to something brighter and better. Can't wait to tell how the summer goes. You're the BEST!  


 Excellent as always! 


Thank you, fantastic reading... 


Awesome Vedic Reading-impressive details, right on track with Bea's other predictions. Thanks!  


 While we hear there are angels on earth, does anyone know who they are??? Well, Bea must be one, because of all the heavenly work she does. Guiding people through her ability to channel Merlin, is a wonderful way to realize that there are people who care about making the world a better place. 


 Thanks so much for all your support! You are great. 


I love your readings! I'll listen this time. Last time it took me 2 years to listen to your advise! You were right then and I hope you are right this time as well. Thank you so much!  


 Always the best insightful, consistent, I love her. 


 Thank you Beatrice - you have been very helpful! 






Beatrice Marot 2006

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