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"How do you know all this stuff about us?" the twelve year old girl asked. She was standing in front of a large group of children that had gathered around me at a party. It was a very special night . . .a bar mitzvah and the rest of the entertainment . . the clowns, magicians, jugglers and dancers were left to entertain the adults. I said to the pretty little girl, "I just pull it out of the air . . . like magic!"

I was nervous because I had never read for children before and I thought, "What am I going to say to all these kids? Then one by one they sat down. The first boy was tall and wearing a grey suit. His demeanor was shy and thoughtful. I said to him, "Well, I am getting that you really like going to the temple and that you are thinking of becoming a Rabbi. Is that true? He nodded his head yes and I said, "Well, you would make a great Rabbi because you have a natural connection with God so I highly recommend that you pursue that goal."

The next boy was a fat kid wearing a black suit and I said to him, "Well, I am getting that YOU just want to make millions and millions of dollars." He said with excitement, "That's right! I want to be the next Bill Gates! I want to make 17.5 million dollars a week!" And I said, "Well, I do see you smoking cigars with the biggest capitalists this country has to offer, but since I see you making millions of dollars no matter what you do. . . could you try to do something that is good for the planet. He said, "O.K." and he got up and high fived all his friends and kept saying "YES, YES, YES!!!!!" over and over.

The third kid was blond and wearing a beige suit. I said to him, "Well, I am getting that you are the actor in the group. I am also getting that you are a comedian. Are you a comedian? He slyly shakes his head no. Then a young girl exclaims, "He is lying to you. He is too a comedian. He just won first prize for a comedy skit he did at school." So I said to him, "Don't ever lie to a priestess . . . because we always find out the truth!"

I looked around at all these precious faces and said, "So, we've got a Rabbi, a Millionaire and a Comedian! Sounds like a presidential election! Who else do we have here?"


My life purpose is to help you awaken your magical self and learn the art of manifesting and co-creating with spirit to enhance your happiness and joy in this life. There is no greater feeling than to know that spirit is there and filled with those that love and protect you from your angels to your ancestors.

I call myself The High Priestess in Hollywood for fun because most of my clients are in show biz or want to be.

I read for a woman who attends a digital film school and the first thing I said to her was that I saw her creating a film that was like a family history and I said, "something that one might give to a Grandfather on his birthday." She was so happy to hear this because her final project is a tribute to her Grandfather.  Her Grandfather has passed on and I told her "Well . . . the fact that it is the first thing I said is a sign that your Grandfather is watching over you and he is so happy that you are doing this for him. I could feel her Grandfather's happiness so clearly.  The joy was palpable which is why I love to tune into spirit because everyone is so happy!

That is just the kind of "hit" that makes a person even more inspired and motivated to follow their goals and dreams.

I encourage you to always speak, pray and connect with the spirit realms.  People that have crossed over love it when we connect with them.  This will help you understand the truth of divine guidance and synchronicity and make your life more enriching not to mention fun.



One evening in July of 2005,  I was invited to a dinner party at an amazing photographer's home, Joann Gair, who is also an extraordinary body painter (Sportswear Illustrated swimwear issue where the girls have jerseys painted on their bodies is Jo's work). Jo is also coming out with a fantastic book called "Paintalicious" that is a must have Christmas present for 2005.  It's hysterically funny!  This woman is a first class artistic goddess genius.

During the dinner I was telling a story about my Vedic Astrology teacher Drew Lawrence and how one day, I asked him for a Sanskrit spiritual name and he said "I have the perfect name for you Beatrice. It's Chicora Devi and it means "The bird whose mind feeds off the moonbeams" then he said, "It actually comes from a guided meditation that I did and on my guided journey, I saw a little bird tangled up in a bush and I freed the bird and then the bird turned into a beautiful Goddess and she said to me, "My name is Chicora Devi and because you have freed me . . . I am going to send you other Goddesses for you to free."

Then Drew said to me, "I believe that you are the manifestation of that Goddess, Beatrice because I met you within two weeks of that meditation and you've sent me over 70 of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in the last three months." The reason I sent him so many beautiful women is because I was a make-up artist at the time and I would tell all the models that I worked on to go see him for a reading.

So, I finished telling the story and I excused myself to use the restroom and I walked upstairs and I heard something fluttering in a closed room so I opened the door and a little wild bird was flying around the room .  I quietly approached her and she was very scared but she allowed me to pick her up and I walked downstairs with the bird cupped in my hand and said, "Look everybody. Look what I just found.  There was a little bird in the room upstairs."

Everyone was awestruck and could not believe it, then, I opened my hands and let her fly away and I said, "And that is how the Goddess puts an exclamation point on a great story!!!"


Once upon a time, a rising rock star named Chris Williams was killed in a tragic car accident in Malibu and I went to the funeral and of course, I was the only one who could hear him commenting on his friends, family and the funeral . . . he was not happy that they were playing Eva Maria and not Stairway to Heaven.  His father . . . a famed lyricist cried tears for a son whom he never raised a finger to help in his music career . ."Those are small tears of grief and big tears of guilt" is what I heard Chris say.  Before his band member could say the words, I also heard Chris say, "Yea, I know I could be a real asshole."  In the next breath, his band member said . . . "You know sometimes Chris could be a real asshole."  Chris asked me to go up and speak . . . but I never met Chris in my life. . . I was at the funeral only because my friend Marie asked me to come after I had comforted her the day he died.  Marie encouraged me to go up. . . I can't remember what I said exactly, channeling is like that sometimes.  The only thing I remember saying was at the end when I said . . . "And Chris wants you to know that like John Lennon said, "We all shine on like the moon and the stars and the sun and he wants you all to rock on, rock on, rock on!"

 A lot of people were angry with me.  The priest said in the parking lot, "That was really tacky what you did." And I replied, "Oh yea, well Chris says what you did was really tacky."   I looked at Marie and I said, "Well, Chris says his mom is going to call me in two years and we will be friends."  Two years later his mom did call me and we have become friends.   She lives in Texas and we email each other.  His mom is a sweetheart of a soul and she absolutely loves animals so I sent her an email I received on October 2nd from another sweet soul named Marie who created my website for me.  It was titled, "Why God Made Pets."  I wrote to Linda Williams and said, "I thought of you when I saw this."

Linda wrote back that October 2nd was Chris's birthday.  He would have turned 35!

Chris is still rockin on!

 I met a man named Robert Hartgrove and his son Alex at the funeral who came to see me for a reading and Alex said to me, "I knew you were for real when you were talking because when I approached Chris's casket I heard the words, "Rock On!"

 Well this father whose life long dream was to succeed in music . . . was inspired to focus on that dream and he is working with his son.   I  think that Chris wished he had a father that never gave up on him the way that Robert never gives up on his son who suffers from an eating disorder.  I believe Chris smiles down upon them as they make music together and I believe that they will truly rock the house in this life . . . .  Father and son, together!

 Rock on!




I have a client named Colleen Shannon whom I read for in July of 2004.  Colleen is a Hip Hop DJ and she mentioned that she was thinking of sending a Polaroid to Playboy Magazine and I told her, “Well, you need to send it today because they will love you and they will shoot you but you need to shoot in September and you will have a title . . . you will be a special playmate.  Playboy did love her and they did shoot in September and she is the “50th Anniversary Playmate”

One year later, in July of 2005, I said to Colleen, “There is a song that would be perfect for you to sample, “It’s called “Heaven Must Have Sent You” by Bonnie Pointer.  So I bought the CD from the movie Studio 54 soundtrack and I burned a copy for her and after two months, I had not yet given it to her because of her hectic schedule.  One day Colleen calls me and she says, “Bea, you are not going to believe this but I have been working with this producer named Jeffrey Bowen for the last two months."  Well it turns out Jeffrey Bowen not only wrote and produced the song but he was married to Bonnie Pointer. Jeffrey told Colleen the same thing I had told her two months prior.  He said, “I know the perfect song for you for you to sample . .  It’s called “Heaven Must Have Sent You.”



GOD is dog spelled backwards. . .and what is more unconditionally loving than a little puppydog! I love my little Wish. My Chihuahua from heaven.

I would like to share how I got my Wish. For twelve wonderful years I had a Pekenese named Jezebel and I always said that after Jezzie, I would l like a Chihuahua for my next dog. Well, Jezzie passed after 12 fun filled years and then three weeks later my best friend Kevin Drinkwater was killed in a motorcycle accident. 

Within a week Kevin came to me in a dream looking radiant, beautiful and dressed in flowing white robes and running around his feet was my dog Jezzie.
 A month later I was given Kevin's Chihuahua "Wish" by his girlfriend who was moving back to South Africa.

So Kevin has my dog in heaven and I have his dog on Earth and I literally got my WISH!






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