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Vedic astrology is an amazingly accurate system of astrology that literally gives you an account of your life’s plan and the purpose of your soul being here. It deals less with personality traits and more with the Karma or life’s lessons and Dharma or life’s purpose. I can also ascertain what your natural talents and abilities are and how you best prosper in this life.

What would we do without the Sun? There would be no life. Without the Moon, we would all burn up because the moon does not have its own light; it reflects the light of the Sun. They work together. Each planet has influence on our lives.

In Astrology the influence of the planets is SYMBOLIC.

bullet The Sun rules the soul, the father, the person you express to the world.
bullet The Moon rules the mother, the emotional body and hidden self.
bullet Mercury is the Messenger. It rules communication skills & writing ability.
bullet Venus rules love, the wife and the creative arts.
bullet Jupiter rules law, spirituality, education, children and the husband.
bullet Saturn rules loss and death, transitions and sudden change.
bullet Mars rules wars and conflicts, sports and physical activity!

The time of your birth is very important because the time rules your ascendant which is the first house and then the planets fall into the different houses which also symbolically rule different aspects of your life.

All together a ‘seer” can see and determine much of the karma of a person or the life's lessons and the dharma of a person or life's purpose. This is a very brief explanation of astrology.

Western astrology is in my opinion not nearly as accurate as Eastern and you may have a different sign in Eastern Astrology. For example August 15th-September 15th is Leo and so on.

Here is a great example:

I was invited by my friend Ruta to a bridal shower and everyone started talking about what sign they were. There were only women there with the exception of one young man. He said he was a Scorpio. I asked him, "When were you born?”

He said, "I was born on November 8th"

I said, "Well, in Vedic Astrology you would be a Libra and you look like a Libra to me. Your features are very symmetrical . . . just like Audrey Hepburn."

He looked shocked when I said that and said to my friend Ruta, "Did you tell her?"

Ruta said laughing, "I didn't tell her anything!"

I said, "Tell me what?"

Ruta said, "Bea, he just sold his first script to DreamWorks and it's called "Why Can't I Be Audrey Hepburn?" LOL

Ryan Murphy was the young man's name and he is the creator of the hit show Nip/Tuck!!






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