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At the age of thirteen, I had a profound spiritual experience where I crossed over to the “other side” and was met by a group of “light” beings.  I was informed that I was on Earth for a higher purpose.  I was told that my real name was Jeanne Louise and to add it to the end of my given name and I was told to “Become a vegetarian, study Astrology, don't ever see a doctor and don't ever get a credit card.”  Thirty-two years later, I still have never been to a doctor nor do I have a credit card and I am a great astrologer, healer and spiritual guide!

I have spent years guiding and assisting others in the quest to awaken the inner goddess, the feminine intuitive ability within each and every human being that allows for our magical side to express itself.  This includes learning telepathy, trusting the inner voice for guidance, direct downloading from universal mind for information and knowledge and co-creating with the divine for your highest good and the highest good of the planet. 

 My life is devoted to awakening the human spirit to its unlimited potential as co-creator with the divine.  My mission is to teach about true magic and manifestation, to teach others how to communicate with spirit for answers to all of life’s most important queries and to enlighten the minds of those I touch by showing them that spirit is always aware of every breath, thought and deed of each and every one of us.  We all have spirit guides in the form of our ancestors, angels and our wise teachers from Jesus to Merlin from Krishna to Buddha from Laksmi to Mother Mary. 

I offer guidance to help you understand what your role is in making our planet whole and insuring future generations will live in peace and harmony.  This is my higher purpose.  Would you like to know what yours is?  I can assist you greatly in aligning your heart and mind with that most important goal.   

The means through which my spirit guides work most effectively is in the media which has the potential to be an amazing tool for healing and spiritual evolution that will allow for the human being to consider unity instead of division, collaboration instead of competition, creativity and contribution instead of mindless consumption.  For this reason, I read for many artistic beings such as writers, actors, musicians, healers, performing artists of every kind who are here to tell new stories which will awaken us all to a higher level of being human!  

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